Education at Amberley Museum

Here at Amberley Museum, we are in the process of creating new education workshops. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. If you were planning to book one of our old workshops, please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss options [email protected] or 01798 831370.  However, we will be continuing to run our ‘Journeys’ workshop.

Suitable for Reception/KS1 - 45 to 60 minutes - Max 30 students - £30

Take a train ride on our narrow gauge train to the top of the site and discover photos of buses in days gone by reaching the bus station and our 1920s bus. Find out about Bus travel in the 1920s and travel on our vintage bus for an unforgettable experience. Hear from the Bus driver what it was like to prepare the bus each morning. At the end, there is a chance for a group photograph. English – speaking and listening/History/Design.

Amberley Museum Journeys workshop

The wide range of exhibits at the Museum reflects the changes that have taken place in everyday life from the Industrial Revolution onwards.

The collections, which include historic buildings and transport machines, have a particular emphasis on History, Science, Technology and Engineering.

The Museum site is unique. With over 40 buildings situated within a chalk quarry ecosystem it offers students a rich and varied environment to explore. Many of the exhibits have a strong ‘hands on’ element or are ‘live’ enabling visitors to experience themes, concepts and technologies first hand.

Schools and young learners

We understand that all groups and learners are different and take care to adapt our service to meet your needs. Amberley is popular with a wide range of students including those with special needs, home educator groups, out of school learners, early years groups and family centres. Please contact the Education Officer who will be happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.
Though the majority of trip organisers like to include a talk, workshop or demonstration as part of the day, we welcome teacher led visits

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Amberley Museum Steam Train
Amberley Museum Evacuee Train
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Talks and workshops

Workshops are a great way to focus your visit and make aspects of the Museum more accessible to young visitors. All include hands on experience and have cross curricular elements. Please see the table below for further details.
It is important to create a balance between structured learning time and time to look around the Museum. Most schools find one talk or workshop is sufficient. As there is so much to discover, you may prefer to plan a teacher led visit.
Remember the Museum covers 36 acres. Please provide your staff and parent helpers with a site map, times and locations of workshops, talks and demonstrations so that they are prepared.

All talks and workshops are subject to availability.
Please book at least 1 month in advance of your visit.
Talks and workshops take place in different areas around the Museum.
Details of where to assemble will be included in your booking confirmation

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further. We will be able to provide you with possible dates, details of other workshops if required, and all aspects of your booking. You can contact the education department by filling in the form below, alternatively you can e-mail or telephone the Museum office.
School Booking Enquiry
Before submitting please read our education booking terms

The small print for education bookings


  • Please complete a booking enquiry form at least one month prior to your intended visit
  • If you need to cancel please do so in writing as soon as possible. We require at least two weeks’ notice otherwise you will be charged the full cost of the visit.
  • Any alterations to group numbers must be made no later than 14 days prior to you visit. We require at least two weeks’ notice otherwise you will be charged the full cost of the visit.
  • The Museum reserves the right to refuse entry to large groups who have not booked in advance.
  • All workshops, talks and demonstrations are subject to availability. For reasons beyond the Education Service’s control, it is very occasionally necessary to cancel a booked activity at short notice.
  • The Museum’s bus and train service relies on vintage vehicles, operated by a volunteer crew. We can therefore never fully guarantee the availability of bus and train services.
  • It may not be possible to re-schedule the times of pre-booked activities, such as workshops, for school groups who arrive late. The Museum reserves the right to cancel such activities or shorten their duration in these circumstances.
  • Complimentary tickets are provided for staff planning a visit. This is particularly important as, due to the varied nature of the site it is not possible to provide a comprehensive risk assessment for every visit. Please telephone the Museum Office in advance of your pre-visit and provide staff with the date you intend to come and the number of tickets required. These tickets are not for entry on the day of your visit.
  • Please note that a booking has not been made until you receive a booking confirmation letter from us.
  • We require you pay on the day by cash, cheque or debit card. You will not be permitted onsite unless the full amount has been paid