Exhibition Areas

  1. Amberley Museum Fire station
    Fire Station
    Built to a 1950's style, housing a number of period tenders and an exhibition.
  2. Amberley Museum Village Garage
    Village Garage
    Replica 1930's garage, petrol station and Cycle Shop with equipment and tools of the period.
  3. Amberley Museum BT Connected Earth exhibit
    Connected Earth
    Telecommunications Hall gallery reflects the history of telecommunications through hands-on and traditional displays.
  4. Amberley Museum Electricity Hall
    Electricity Hall
    Displays on a wide range of domestic electrical appliances. The exhibition also tells the story of the discovery of electricity.
  5. Amberley Museum Southdowns Bus Garage
    Southdown Bus Garage
    Replica 1920's garage, home to a unique collection of restored vintage buses and an en exhibition outlining the history of Southdown.
  6. Amberley Museum TV and Radio Exhibit
    Wireless Exhibition
    Collection includes a variety of domestic, amateur and professional communications equipment. There is also an amateur radio station, which is sometimes in operation.
  7. Amberley Museum Life and Lime
    De Witt Kilns & Life and Lime
    Built in 1905 - An exhibition 'Life and Lime' now tells the history of the local people involved in the quarrying of chalk and burning of lime on the Museum site.
  8. Amberley Museum Pottery - Menear Ceramics
    Pottery Workshop
    Working Pottery producing traditional and contemporary earthenware. Check with the Museum office for opening days, if making a special visit.
  9. Amberley Museum Wheelwrights
    Cartwheels of different stages of construction, are displayed.
  10. Amberley Museum - Hove ticket office
    Narrow Gauge Railway
    Narrow gauge track and rolling stock are exhibited here, with displays about their use. The narrow gauge railway runs around the site. Take a ride on one of our trains to explore the around the Museum.
  11. Amberley Museum Railway exhibition
    Railway Exhibition
    This building, initially funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, houses a range of narrow gauge exhibits and provides facilities for preservation work.
  12. Amberley Museum Printshop
    Printing Workshop
    Historic printing equipment is housed and demonstrated. Items printed at the shop are for sale, to include post cards, wrapping paper and notebooks.
  13. Amberley Museum Paviour's exhibit
    Paviors' Museum
    Exhibition on the development of roads and their construction. Also see the cycle display house within the building.
  14. Amberley Museum - TATHS
    Tools and Trades History Society
    The Tools and Trades History Society (TATHS) owns and displays its own substantial collection of tools at Amberley. The collection covers many trades, including the wheelwright, shipwright, leatherworker, plumber, engineer, surveyor, carpenter, cabinetmaker and silversmith as well as tools associated with agriculture and horticulture. There is an unusual collection of hand or (foot-powered) treadle operated machinery, including several lathes, grinders, a circular saw, a jig saw and a planing machine. Volunteers open the TATHS buildings on Wednesdays and Fridays and sometimes on other days of the week, but there is plenty of room for new members to join in. You could: • welcome visitors and talk to them about the tools on show • restore donated tools to display condition in the group's dedicated workshop • identify tools brought in by visitors • research tools using the collection and the group's extensive library of books and catalogues. If you want to make sure that the buildings will be open on the day you plan to visit, phone the museum staff on 01798 831 370 to check, or email [email protected]
Amberley Museum Map